Colours Of Our Lives

Experiences and Adventures The Sin Ming Court Gang Of Three Have di Jakarta.

An Invitation to See Jakarta and Indonesia as We See Them

Dear Family, Friends and Friends To Be:

A big HULLO from us three!

Ok it’s just me for now. The other two are deep in dream space while I am obviously still awake because before the big man drifted off we were talking about this enterprising lady and mom who runs an etsy business on top of taking on a heavy full-time job. That led us to talking about me converting passion into pennies. Which brought me to trawling though the net way past midnight and deciding that, like the experts say, I should establish an online presence first. For reasons I cannot divulge in case I bore you to death, I ended up having TWO instead of one blog :s

So I’ve decided that Colours Of Our Lives will be about things the three of us see, do, hear, feel, touch and taste by ourselves, with friends and/or family.

Colours Of The Domestic Goddess, on the other hand, will be about my artistic explorations and creations.

Ok introductions done! Time for me to finally hit the sack zzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzZzzzzZZZZzzzz