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Experiences and Adventures The Sin Ming Court Gang Of Three Have di Jakarta.

Food Glorious Smokey Food (Literally!)

Jakarta is food paradise for us! Many eateries which are not halal back home are halal here! On top of that, you get solid good cuisine of various cultures at reasonable prices (relative to the quality and sometimes exorbitant prices we used to pay!) The variety of offerings at Gandaria City, a mega mall a short walk from our apartment, is enough to spoil us rotten.

(Digression: Gandaria City is also called GanCi for short. That’s the other thing we have discovered about Jakarta. The people love their short forms like how we love our acronyms 😛 Maybe there’ll be a post about this sometime later.) 

Nevertheless we got bored with the air-conditioned comfort of restaurants and cafes (ingrates we are not, promise!) and just needed a bit more excitement. So on Saturday, we took to the streets  and walked to Mayestik where the locals do their pasar shopping and stock up on sewing supplies. The latter of course got me super excited! I am already looking forward to my next trip there.

Ok back to our food adventure. Well sort of. After a not so impressive bubur breakfast at Mandalay Restaurant established in 1962, we bought some yummy-looking kueh from a cart.

Super rich tasting cheesy chocolaty kueh which cannot be named here.

The kueh cost a mere IDR10,000 for 10 generous pieces! That’s SGD$1.30!

After that we walked to a really popular satay stall near Rumah Sakit (Hospital) Pertamina. People usually order by the hundreds and queues get really long later in the day. After ordering 10 pieces of ayam (chicken) and kambing (mutton) satay to go, we waited by the stall for our order. Then Kamal muttered something about the stall being just next to the road with its smoke-belching traffic. But that just adds to the flavour of charred carcinogenic treat!

Okay time to stop the chatter and let the pictures do the talking.

Waiting patiently for the gravy drenched satay.

The satay man hard at work. Couldn’t capture the bellowing smoke.

I guess the broom is an indication of a decent standard of hygiene?

The good old heart-clogging goods, half-eaten 🙂


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