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First Day of School Part II

on August 28, 2012

And so it was finally 2.40 pm, DISMISSAL TIME! 😀

Either the first day of school was not as earth-shatteringly exciting as mummy had hoped or this big boy was too cool to be all bubbly and chatty about all that went on but he said very little when mummy tried to make conversation.

M: How was school?

BB:It’s okay.

M: So what did you do in class?

BB: We went to the library.

M: Oh ok. (pause) So did you enjoy yourself?

BB: It’s okay.

And so mummy figured she’d let the big boy volunteer whatever information he wants to share whenever he wants to share it because like her son who totally knocked out on the ride back home on the macet-ed* roads, she was really tired too. Thank goodness she was not the one behind the wheels!


*macet: Unparalleled, Indonesian-style traffic jam that defines Jakarta.


One response to “First Day of School Part II

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