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The Jakarta Gang in Singapore (Part 2)

on July 30, 2012

Actually, it’s only two-thirds of the Gang in SG now.

#1 has gone on yet another mission (work trip) :s

#2 was starting to get restless with a lot of time on hand. Then she got handed parts of her mother-in-law’s to be spruced up. Woopie! 😀 Darn proud of her handiwork is she! (and very humble too might I add! ;p) Read all about it here.

#3 also got very bored until he made new friends at the public playground (a total luxury for us now) near his grandmother’s. Over buka puasa, he told us a rather amusing story about his new found friends. The conversation went something like this (ok it’s obvious with my memory of an ant I’m paraphrasing ALOT here):

#2: So did you have fun just now? Feeling good?
#3: Yah very fun! There were many people playing.
#2: That’s great!
(fast-forwarding the boring bits)
#3: I just asked the boys whether I can play and they say can. But they said ‘no’ to two girls. Because they are Chinese lah.
#2: Huhaaahh…. (together with aunt)
Aunt: Aiyoh why like that? (together with #2)
#2: So what did you say to them? Did you ask them to let the girls play too?
#3: Yah I did but they say dunwan lah. Because they are Chinese.
#2: But how did they know you are Malay?
#3: I spoke in Malay mah.
#2: You should tell them you’re half-Malay and half-Chinese and it’s okay for everyone to play together!
#3: Yah I did! I told them about racial harmony and all…
#2: (mumbled something about the success of Singapore’s NE programme.)
#3: and then they said but Racial Harmony Day over already!

Yup Singapore’s brand of NE programme is alive and well all right! :}


Like this archaic drawing, racial harmony is probably still an imagined ideal for many.
Living, playing and learning together harmoniously regardless of race, religion and gender, according to the candid boys, takes place only on that one precious day.

Still, the Gang of three is hopeful for this pair of Chinese daughter-in-law/sister-in-law/aunt and half Chinese grandson/nephew/cousin, despite missing their home-away-from-home and routine di Jakarta, are very very happy to be back in the Lands of Wood this holy month of Ramadhan 🙂


One response to “The Jakarta Gang in Singapore (Part 2)

  1. mng says:

    It takes an entire village to raise a kid eh? BTW, really enjoying your posts and learning about your new life. Can’t wait to read more.

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