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The Things I Make

on July 18, 2012

Packing up to come to Jakarta made me realised how much consumables i.e. shoes, clothes, bags and accessories I have amassed and junk I have hoarded. Horror! So I told myself firmly “NO SHOPPING!” and brought whatever scraps, fabric, odds and ends I can despite being told that I’m bringing one too many useless things.


To be creative,
to give purpose to my tendency to store
cards, buttons, ribbons, lace, broken jewellery, felt pieces, recycled wrappers, fabric remnants, boxes, tissue paper (the fancy kind stores sometimes use to wrap purchases in), string, twine, bubble wrap
and anything I think I might be able to use to make something out of some day.
EVERYDAY WILL be THE day here in Jakarta!

These are some items I have made with the unpolished gems I have gathered over the years:



Pot holders I made from scraps of fabric, an old shirt and packing foam. I only made the floral and orangey-red ones initially. Made the third one with the letter “M” at Mateen Boi’s request cos he wanted his own pot holder. And if you’re wondering if he has put it to good use, YES HE HAS! 🙂 He made fried rice and scrambled eggs for me but that’s another story.


One of the first things I did was to reupholster the dining chairs. The original ones were beige in colour and looked really yucky with food spills and all. The chair covering should be the last thing to ruin our appetites right?


The guest toilet needed a mat and dash of colour. So I decided to repurpose (that’s a new word I learnt from the pros who have been doing this way long than I have) a floral shirt and towel with stains that refused to budge into this. The end product has a red “T” at the bottom right.


Got the idea to make this cover for the water dispenser after seeing it in a local’s home.


Repurposed a shawl into a headboard cover. The original baby blue floral pattern just doesn’t go with the overall scheme of work!


Had identical cloth for wiping dry dishes and hands. So I found an obvious way to differentiate them!


Hairband made from repurposed t-shirt sleeves and felt pieces for a sweet young lady who just finished reciting the Qur’an.

All right now! I hope that’s enough to whet your appetite and that you enjoyed viewing these as much as I enjoyed making them! For more stories about my projects, do visit my other blog

Colours Of The Domestic Goddess

Bye Bye!
One-third of the JaGaTiga signing off


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